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Terms & Conditions

Before purchasing from us please read our terms of sale and delivery. The oak supplied by Weadlen Oak Ltd is European Oak, English Oak, Quercus Robur and either Pedunculate or Sessile. Being a natural material, oak may contain knots and character features.


Dimensions may vary slightly and long lengths of certain dimensions may bow during sawing.


Green oak timbers will weather and may shrink slightly over time. As the timber dries, natural shrinkage may result in cracking and splitting of the surface.


We advise traditional joints are used to allow for movement during the drying process and for natural expansion and shrinkage.


European oak reacts to changes of humidity by expanding and contracting.


Oak exposed to the atmosphere will dry to silver grey colour. Oak is naturally durable and various natural products may be used to retain a desired colour.


Most of our timber is face of sap wood, or this can be kept to a minimum if required.

Restocking Charges

All products are bespoke and machined to order, even where we state sizes. Should any of our bespoke products be cancelled or rejected after cutting, we reserve the right to charge a re-stock fee if, in our opinion, we believe the goods to be of a suitable standard. Products will be exchanged is exceptional faults are found.


Wealden Oak Sawmill is an open site with limited storage, and we will not take reasonability for goods stored externally waiting for collection/delivery after a six week period after any milling or other preparation is complete.

Metal Fixings

Ferrous metals have a natural reaction with the tannin in oak turning the timber black. We recommend the use of stainless steel and galvanised fixings.

Insect Attack

Some beams may have post beetle holes. These are bark beetles which hatches and cannot reinvest.

Air Dried Oak Beams

At Wealden Oak we endeavour to produce quality air dried beams of various dimensions. We can not always have an exact size beam in stock so we cut the beams for resizing. There can be some colour differences due to exposing a new face, and this can happen on just one face or all four faces.

As the timber dries it produces drying splits and some raised knots, this is normal in the air dried grade. We will grade timber and put into orders what we feel is acceptable. Some edges may contain a waney edge.

The moisture content varies greatly in the timber due to section sizes and age of oak. Beams are always produced with a sawn finish, there can be dark blue marks left on the timber caused by reaction between the tannins and any steel it comes in contact with. If only sawn there can be some water marks.

Our standard finish is sanded, which will uniform the overall appearance. Any specific finishing needs you may have should be stated to us when ordering.

Oak Flooring

Unlike many other sawmills, all our flooring is supplied end-matched, micro-bevelled and stress-grooved included as standard.

We supply light character grade flooring in standard widths but we can also supply in other widths to order.

Please note there will be a certain percentage of knots in all boards.

When ordering please order an additional 10% minimum length, to allow for waste when laying and cutting. When possible, flooring should be left in the area of laying for some time to climatise to humidity levels.

Delivery Service

We will deliver on pre-arranged dates. If you cannot accept goods on dates that have been pre-arranged, we will store your goods for up to six weeks. We cannot accept any responsibility for movement or shrinkage of products during this time. Please our Delivery Page for more information.


All payments must be cleared in full before collection or delivery, whether by cheque, bank transfer or credit card or other.